Frequently Asked Questions

How can Tallos help to scale my business?

With Tallos you can provide an amazing experience of customer service, focusing on efficiency and agility. 7 of each 10 consumers affirm that they would pay more to have great customer service.  This can be your competitive differential in the market.

What is an Omnichannel platform and how does it work?

Uma plataforma Omnichannel serve para integrar todos os seus canais de comunicação. Seu cliente pode falar pelo WhatsApp, Telegram, E-mail, Messenger ou pelo site. O contato sempre vai cair em uma única plataforma e é por meio dela que o seu time realiza o atendimento.

How can I integrate the service channels in a single place?

Para integrar seus canais de atendimento, é necessário a utilização de uma plataforma Omnichannel, onde você pode concentrar o atendimento de diferentes canais em um único local.

How can I use WhatsApp API to raise my sales?

Whatsapp is currently one of the main sales channels. The app has an API version, specific to companies with a high service flow. With it, you can have more than one agent working at the same time, quality base, service indicators, safety to your number, in conformity with LGPD, and much more. All that helps you to potentialize sales and professionalize your service.

What is emotion analysis and how can I use it to improve my customer service?

TAI, our own artificial intelligence, can identify the feelings of your clients before, during, and after the service. Imagine that Jorge, a client who is on hold, sends the following message:
“Hello, my order hasn’t arrived yet, I need to solve this with urgency!”
Our AI will signal to your customer service operator that Jorge is irritated and, therefore, you should prioritize him on the queue.

Can I import a contact base on the platform?

Yes, but it can only be done once.

Can I have a customer portfolio per operator?

Yes! You can segment a customer to a specific operator or department, ensuring a better service experience.

In case I choose the API modality, is it possible to come back to the previous modality?

No, provided you do that, you will consequently lose your number.

Can I do a portability between brokers? And how is the deadline to migrate?

Yes, between 10 days.

What is an opening session message?

It is a message sent by the company, soliciting to start a conversation.

What is a passive message?

They are all the interactions exchanged inside a conversation session started by the client in a period of 24h.

How can NPS help me reduce churn?

NPS (Net Promoter Score) methodology was developed to analyze the satisfaction rate of the customer with the product or service, through a basic question at the end of each service. With the results in hand, you can identify the clients that are not satisfied and work on specific actions towards them.

Does the platform offer a dashboard where I can do the management of my operators’ services?

Yes! With Tallos it is possible to have access to complete dashboards of your operation: average service time, average hold time, how many clients are being helped, an average of service performed per department and per operator, reason of a service end, and much more.

How long do Facebook and Whatsapp take to verify an account?

To Facebook, the deadline is until 15 days. To WhatsApp, the deadline is between 2 and 7 days.

What are the advantages of having an Omnichannel Platform?

Using an Omnichannel platform your service becomes more agile and intelligent. Imagine having to perform service through WhatsApp using your mobile phone? Not a viable solution to companies with a high flow of sales.

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